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Allotmenteers Liability Insurance

Increased cover and benefits, May 2020

This benefit has been created via an insurance policy purchased by the NAS to give liability cover to member plotholders and leisure gardeners. We are delighted to confirm that the National Allotment Society (NAS) has renewed the Insurance benefit for a further year and has increased the cover and benefits offered within the policy. The benefit is offered to Societies/Associations, Individual and Life member types.

The benefit forms part of the subscription of the above and in order to be added to the policy the member must provide full member contact details and keep those details up to date.

The full summary document available to all members CLICK HERE

Who will benefit from this scheme?

This benefit will be enjoyed by members and affiliate members who have either paid their subscription of £3 per member via an Association to NAS or are paid up Individual Members of the NAS.

The benefit is offered to Member of Societies/Associations, Individual and Life member types:

When is the policy renewed?

The policy is reviewed annually by the Management Committee.  If agreed after review the policy runs from May each year.

 What is this product?

This is a liability insurance product purchased by the NAS but designed to provide protection to member plot-holders accused of accidently causing injury or damaging property, in their personal capacity. Work/Business related claims are not insured. The benefit is worth up to £5,000,000 and will pay for defence costs and the cost of any award made. As a member plot-holder you would be protected both at your allotment plot but also if you attend shows / events which are allotment related.

How do I take advantage of this membership benefit?

To ensure all members who are eligible benefit from the NAS scheme, Allotment Associations need to make sure that they have names, addresses and email addresses (if available) of all plot-holders who have paid their fees for NAS Membership.

This data should then be emailed with the confirmation of who is enrolling onto the scheme,  this is achieved by emailing an electronic copy of this data to a excel template can be provided.

Should you have the required data recorded on another electronic format other than Excel such as Word we are happy to accept this. The data should then be emailed with the confirmation of enrolling onto the scheme.

Individual Members must email the NAS to confirm that they wish to be enrolled in the insurance scheme.

If we do not receive your confirmation of enrolment into the Scheme and required member details you will not be covered by this fantastic benefit.

Should you have any issue in how to provide the data please do not hesitate to contact the NAS.

Why do we ask you to enrol into the scheme?

You are not automatically enrolled into the scheme this is something you should confirm that you want to take advantage of.  The NAS will not forward your details on to any third party except in the event of a claim. Only on receipt of the required details will you receive confirmation of cover and enrolment onto this fantastic benefit.

Who is the ALI insurance for?

The Allotmenteers Liability Insurance is a benefit included in membership for plot-holders of member associations, life and individual members who enrol onto the scheme. This insurance does not replace the requirement for associations, Councils or landowners to obtain Property Owners or Public Liability Insurance to cover self-management responsibilities, communal areas, site shops, or events and site tours etc.

What if my membership payment is late?

For cover to remain it is essential that we receive your renewal payment on time to ensure that your cover does not lapse.  Should you wish to discuss your renewal date please do not hesitate to contact NAS.

How will I know I am covered?

The NAS will confirm receipt of your enrolment by email and a copy of the insurance summary will be included.