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Allotment Association Insurance

Insurance for Allotment Associations and Public Liability Insurance from Chris Knott Insurance

Membership of the National Allotment Society gives you access to Bespoke Allotment Insurance cover offering our members a 25% discount on all policies taken out with Chris Knott Insurance.

Allotment holders and visitors expect associations to provide an environment that is safe. But what happens if a visitor is injured or their property is lost or damaged and they claim it was your fault? There are many firms who make a living from persuading people to claim compensation for injury or loss of property and the cost of such claims against your association could be disastrous.

You may consider you take great care to ensure your allotment site is safe but someone seeking compensation will argue this is not the case and courts can return unexpected verdicts. Even if you follow basic housekeeping rules such as logging inspections of common areas and removing hazards quickly a claimant may argue your reasonable action was too little or too late.

Should a visitor be unfortunate enough to suffer an injury that prevented them from working, the cost could run into hundreds of thousands of pounds. Even if a court decides you were not to blame, the cost of lawyers’ bills alone will run into thousands that may not be recoverable.

At Chris Knott we want to ensure that, if you are ever put in the situation where someone looked to you for compensation, you have the right cover needed to defend and manage the claim and to protect your allotment association. Beyond the cost of compensation, there is also the cost to your reputation and the stress and time spent dealing with claims. Your Association public liability policy allows you to concentrate on running your allotments whilst leaving your insurer to take the financial and time-consuming strain.

Public liability insurance policy benefits include:

  • Protection for your members and your association against the cost of compensating injured parties who suffered bodily injury or whose property was lost or damaged by an accident happening at your allotments.
  • Court Awards - Up to £250,000 cover where you have been awarded costs but have been unable to recover them.
  • Up to £10m Public Liability cover available.

Optional extras

At Chris Knott we listen to our customers and wherever possible amend our policies to give you the cover you tell us you need. With this in mind we have added the following optional extras to our public liability insurance:

  • £10m employers liability cover
  • Trusted Person’s Indemnity
  • Landlords Cover
  • Cups and Trophies
  • Buildings and Equipment cover
  • Abandoned Events cover
  • Loss of money cover

What does it cost?

Premiums start from just £65.00 (including Insurance Premium Tax)

To speak to one of our specialist team of allotment insurance experts, call 01424 205001 - a direct line into our Allotments team or email