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ASDAN launches innovative gardening Short Course

Leading education charity and awarding body, ASDAN, has launched a new course covering all aspects of gardening including growing your own food, planting indoors, and art and construction in the garden.

The Gardening Short Course will develop learners’ understanding of sustainable practice and the positive impact that gardening can have on the environment.

The course has been written for learners aged 13-19 and can be used in a range of settings, including schools, colleges and community groups.

“ASDAN is thrilled to launch this exciting new course as we head into the spring,” said Jenny Williams, ASDAN Chief Executive. “From this point onwards in the year, many of us spend time outside working in gardens or allotments and later in the season enjoying home-grown produce. We all know how great gardening is for our mental and physical wellbeing and at ASDAN we are keen to support children and young people to discover the joy of gardening.

“This course is our way of adding value to the well documented benefits of gardening by recognising the practical gardening skills young people develop. The programme is also designed to help learners foster personal, social and work-related skills including resilience, perseverance, creativity, taking responsibility and self-management.”

The course is the latest edition to ASDAN’s suite of popular Short Courses, which are available as a student book and in e-portfolio format and provide accreditation for 10-60 hours of activities. The Gardening Short Course is particularly suited to learners who are:

  • enthusiastic about gardening
  • interested in their environment and sustainability
  • like wildlife
  • enjoy learning outside the classroom

ASDAN credits gained by students during the course can be used towards other ASDAN courses, such as the Certificate of Personal Effectiveness (CoPE) qualification at Levels 1 and 2.