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Farm Terrace Allotments update

Firstly, thanks to everyone who has followed our story so far.

 We can now confirm that the original decision made by the Government to close Farm Terrace Allotments was legally cancelled through the High Court at the end of August. Since this decision, the Government has asked all parties involved to submit any new evidence which will be reviewed along with all the original submissions received during February 2013.

 We have now submitted a second document that we feel reaffirms the case to keep the site open and also would also like to personally thank Jeff Barber, Eastern Region Representative for the Society in the support he has shown us over the past month as well as the continued support from the NSALG in keeping this ground breaking case in the news.

 We are now keeping our fingers crossed when a fresh decision is announced during November.

 Andy Moore – Chairman, Farm Terrace Community Association”