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Hedgehog Heaven

Plot holders on Beaumaris Allotments in North Wales have become much more aware of the plight of hedgehogs recently.  Two injured hedgehogs were found on site.  One unfortunately was too badly injured but the other, aptly named Loti, survived thanks to the swift action of some plot holders who quickly took her to the nearby Hedgehuggles Rescue Centre.  There under the care of Sue Currie, Loti gradually recovered from her injuries and was then released back onto the site under the care of Mandy (who originally found her) and Mari (whose husband Gary kindly rushed Loti to Hedgehuggles). One of our new plot holders, Will, kindly made a magnificent “hedgehog mansion” and feeding station for Loti and we are delighted to report that she has now taken up residence on site.  CCTV cameras have caught Loti going walkabout at night and then returning to her house.

Following this success, two more rescue hedgehogs Bella and Gizmo have now been released by Hedgehuggles onto the site.  Gizmo is now being looked after by young Joanna and her brother David and their grandfather built a very impressive hedgehog house.  Bella is being cared for by Bill & Joan.  It is hoped that one more rescue hedgehog, Troy, will shortly join his fellow hogs on site being housed in another beautiful “hedgehog mansion” built by Will.  They are being spaced out around the large site and we are all keeping our fingers crossed for the arrival of lots of little hoglets next year!!

All those looking after the hedgehogs very kindly go each day to leave food and water out even in some of the dreadful weather we have had recently.  We are delighted to report that it looks like other hedgehogs are also taking advantage of the feeding stations.

To remind plot holders to watch out for hedgehogs whilst working on their plots, signs have been erected around the site. All plot holders are also sent regular updates to remind them to watch out for hedgehogs when having bonfires, strimming, etc.  With more and more plot holders adopting organic methods of cultivating their plot, the idea is that Beaumaris allotments will become a perfect home for hedgehogs.