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Year of Green Action Pledge

The Year of Green Action (YoGA) is about connecting people all around the country with nature, and showing how we can all take positive action to improve our environment. As we’ve seen from series like the Blue Planet, the choices we make in our day to day lives affect the world around us. The right ones can help us create a healthier environment for ourselves and the next generation.

Launched at London Zoo, YoGA is a year-long drive to help everyone get involved in projects that support nature – in our own gardens, schools or workplaces, and as consumers. Everyone can get involved in projects to improve the natural world and YoGA can help you to make a change, one choice at a time.

Why make 2019 a Year of Green Action?

The government made a commitment, through its 25 year environment plan, that we will be the first generation to leave the environment in a better state than we found it. Chapter 3 of the plan sets out the goal of connecting people with the environment to improve health and well-being and within this context identifies 2019 as a Year of Green Action.

The Year of Green Action is an opportunity to engage with individuals, community groups, environmental stewardship stakeholders, business and industry to get people to connect with their in green spaces. The plan also recognises that the aspiration for the broad spectrum of environmental change is not achievable by policies and regulations alone but that through the Year of Green Action (YoGA) the momentum for positive change growing in society, as well as in government, can be harnessed to help achieve goals across the whole 25YEP.

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