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National Allotments Week 2014

 4-10 August 2014

Allotment Open Evening 9th August 2012 (5)

Once again, during NAW 2014, the National Allotment Society is encouraging allotment sites across England and Wales to open their gates to celebrate the enduring nature of the allotment movement and hold a party for their plot-holders and the wider community.

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The week is also an opportune time to highlight the need to strengthen the protection for our remaining allotment sites and emphasise the benefits allotments bring to people and the environment. The 4 August 1914 saw Britain declare war on Germany and although allotments had existed in the UK from the 18th century, the ensuing food shortages lead to the creation of the local authority allotments that we recognise today. Their numbers have waned considerably but 100 years later working an allotment plot remains a popular pastime.

This contribution that allotments make to the health and well-being of people and the quality of the environment is generally acknowledged and has been endorsed by many studies but there is much competition for land in our crowded urban environments and, although protected by legislation, allotments are vulnerable. The Society does have concerns that the recent relaxation of the Planning Regulations along with the pressure on local councils to build much needed new homes may result in more councils opting to move sites in order to sell allotment land rather than allocating previously used land for that purpose.

This could mean dismantling thriving, socially cohesive allotment communities that, as recent research has shown, are situated on land that is high in bio-diversity with healthy soil, producing a significant amount of locally grown food. Although legislation dictates that the plot-holders must be offered an alternative growing space it does not take in to account the historical value and sense of place of the site or the damage that is done to the existing social networks. The Society feels that this element needs to be recognised and existing allotment sites should be valued and protected from disruption.

Image shows a Party on the Plot at Ermine Street Allotments, Buntingford.

Some allotments just couldn’t wait till National Allotments Week to celebrate!

Annual BBQ, 19th July at 2.30pm at Perry Orchard Allotments, Upton St Leonards, Glos  GL4

We are having a BBQ when we all bring our own food and drink and share desserts.

Raffle for the Communal Shed Fund – we are trying to raise £400 to buy a large secure shed that we can all use and also have a small gas ring and kettle for the cooler days.


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