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Pests and diseases

Pests and Diseases

Within this section of the website we have tried to address some of the common issues gardeners face when it comes to pests and diseases. If there is something you require advice on please email and we'll ask our horticulturalist, Aaron Hickman to help.

Slug and Snail control: to some the presence of slugs and snails on the plot are a nuisance  while to other they are just part of nature. To read more about controlling slugs and snails click here

Leek Problems: allium leek miner and leek moth

Many gardeners are now having serious problems with the allium leaf miner and leek moth attacking their crops. Up until a few years ago these two pests were mostly confined to the southern and eastern counties but now they are progressively working their way across the country. To read more click here

Potato and tomato blight

This is a common and serious disease that attacks potatoes and tomatoes whether they are grown outdoors or under protection. The disease is much more damaging to a crop in wet seasons and can be less of a problem in dry summers. To read more click here

Club root

A common disease that affects brassicas grown on allotment plots, to read more click here