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With access to over 125,000 allotment holders and avid gardeners across the UK, The National Allotment Society is perfectly positioned to help you spread the word about your products.

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Waiting Lists

IN 2009, 2011 and 2013 the Society, with the support of Transition Kirby undertook an Allotment Waiting List Survey. The latest survey in 2013 surveyed all 323 English principal authorities and 321 responded. The main findings were that 67% of the authorities held waiting list data and an average of 52 people were waiting for every 100 plots.

We have no plans at present to repeat the surveys.

The Association of Public Service Excellence (APSE) survey their members each year and, in the 2022 State of the Market Report (Allotments), they reported that the demand for allotments is still high. Almost 87% of local authorities are still experiencing increases in demand for allotments in 2022. Over 58% of local authorities stated that over 18 months was the average waiting time, which is an increase of 26% on 2021. 

National Allotment Society Policy Documents

The Society is putting together a portfolio of policies relating to the most important issues debated in the allotment movement, click on the links to read.

National Allotment Society Rent Policy

National Allotment Society Plot Sizes Policy

National Allotment Society Waiting List Policy

National Allotment Society Devolved Management Policy

National Allotment Society Cultivation Standards Policy

Click here to view the full portfolio of policies

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